Grade 5

Grade 5 is Making a Difference Using Art

Fifth grade students are learning to embrace diversity and are teaching others to do the same through their art. In a unit on diversity and making a difference, fifth graders were asked to come up with a slogan and then create a poster. Upper School Art Teacher, Joy Chertow, shares about the project, “Each child creates a slogan and does the art work to encourage others to embrace differences.” Check out the artwork, which is decorating the halls of the Shoolman Campus.

Pictured:  Fifth grader, Eyal Kopcow, works on his poster, with the slogan, “It doesn’t matter what’s on the outside. What matters is on the inside.”

Happy Pi Day 2016!

Happy Pi Day 2016!

Afterschool Teacher, Chris DiRico, remembers the time his brother got to “pie” the vice principal of their elementary school after memorizing the most numbers of Pi in the school. This week, on “Pi Day” (March 14th), Chris carried on this tradition by challenging his students in the Shaller Campus Afterschool Program to memorize as many numbers of Pi as they could. The student who memorized the most numbers got to throw a pie in Chris’ face. There were eight contestants, with second grader, Maddie Kadden, coming out as the winner after memorizing 47 numbers!


Pictured: Maddie Kadden “pies” Chris DiRico

Purim Preparations

Gan Shelanu Purim Preparations Begin!

Purim preparations are in full swing at Gan Shelanu. In Gan Shelanu’s Dubim class, Dubim Teacher Judi Boviard shares, “We read the book Purim and sang ‘Once There Was A Wicked, Wicked Man’ and ‘My Hat It Has Three Corners.’ The Dubim students also used bingo daubers to decorate paper plates which will become our groggers. In Hebrew, Hebrew Specialist, Ruhama  Shitrit sang “La Kova Sheli” with us again. After that, each child got a shaker and we sang ‘Mishe Mishe.'”


Pictured: Dubim student, Lior Gaathon, decorates her paper plate grogger.

The Shaller campus celebrated the 100th

The Shaller campus celebrated the 100th

The Shaller campus celebrated the 100th day of school this week. In kindergarten, “The children made crowns, Cheerio and bead necklaces and posters. We read Miss Bindergarten Celebrates the 100th Day of Kindergarten, sang songs, played counting games and did lots of measuring.” shares Kindergarten Teacher, Judi Rapaport. In first grade, “The 100th day was definitely a day to remember. The children had a choice to dress up as if they were 100 years old. There were wrinkles, big glasses, gray hair and hair buns galore! The first grade classes also had some fun in the classroom with special math and literacy centers based on the 100th day” share First Grade Teacher Jesse Wolf.