Thank you, Schechter!

A note from alumni parents Elizabeth and Daniel Glick:

Our three children, Jamie ‘01, Josh ‘04 and Jeremy ‘08, all attended Schechter. The excellent education they received, together with Schechter’s emphasis on Jewish tradition, values and community, was unmatched.  Today, we witness on a regular basis the significant impact this education has had on our children as they have grown into independent adults, embrace Judaism in their everyday lives and are actively involved in tikkun olam (repairing the world) in their respective communities. Similar to those before us who made the exceptional Schechter experience possible for our family through their support and generosity, we too wish to help future generations benefit from the outstanding Schechter experience.  We are proud to give to the school’s Generations Campaign to ensure it maintains its exceptional, pedagogical model and remains accessible to all Jewish families in the future. We  are proud to have made a legacy gift to Schechter through its Generations Campaign to recognize the impact it has had on our family’s lives. We hope that many others will join us!


Music – Dance – Theatre: Ready, Set, Go!

The performing arts are very important to the Skolnick family. At an age when many parents would engage a babysitter to entertain a young child while they went to the theatre, Schechter parents Jennifer and Jason Skolnick began to introduce their children to live theatre experiences. They took each of their daughters, Sarah Rose (grade 8), Ariel (grade 5) and Liat (grade 2), to see a live performance by the time they were 2 ½ years old. Once their daughter showed that she was capable of sitting and enjoying a show, she received a subscription to 6 shows a year, ranging from theatre to ballet to the children’s symphony.

IMG_4194As they began school at Schechter, each Skolnick child was encouraged to take advantage of the many performing arts opportunities, both during the school day and in afterschool. They participated in Rainbow Choir, Do Re Mi Choir, Shir Chai Honors musical and theatre productions, band and music lessons. Sarah Rose recently described her experience in the 8th grade Hebrew musical as the highlight of her time at Schechter (see photo from this year’s production of The Little Mermaid).

The Skolnicks – Jennifer and Jason, and their parents, Doreen and Matthew Skolnick – believe that performing arts are an incredibly important part of a child’s education. Childhood experiences in the arts provide an outlet for self-expression, enhancing and enriching their education, and set the tone for a lifelong appreciation of the performing arts.

With this in mind, the Skolnick family decided to participate in the Generations Campaign by endowing a fund to support the performing arts at Schechter in perpetuity. They have set up a fund called “The Fund for Excellence in Performing Arts.” In this way, they can ensure that future generations of children at Schechter will have similar opportunities as their own children and grandchildren to enrich their lives through the performing arts.

The Skolnicks invite others in the Schechter community who value and love the arts to join them by adding to this fund. They hope others will help them to perpetuate the importance of the arts at Schechter and ensure the future excellence of these programs. For more information on how to make a gift to Schechter for this purpose, please contact Natalie Matus, Associate Head of School for Institutional Advancement, at 617 630-4617 or natalie.matus

The Generations Campaign supports our commitment to providing our students with a dynamic 21st century education, infused and enhanced by Jewish learning and values, to prepare our students for informed and active engagement in the Jewish community and the broader world. As of November 2016, Schechter’s Generations Endowment Campaign has raised $9,581,166 toward our $12.5 million goal.

Morris Family - Generations Profile

Expressing Our Gratitude and Appreciation to Schechter

Our family embarked on our Schechter journey almost nine years ago. Barbara and I had three very important considerations in making our decision about our daughter Ashley’s primary school education. We were looking for a school with a focus on substantive Jewish content, a secular curriculum that would provide a framework for educational excellence and a nurturing, comfortable environment, with teachers who would support, encourage and shape her learning process. With each passing year, we are more convinced that Schechter was the right choice for our family.

Both Barbara and I have become increasingly more involved in Schechter over the years – Barbara as a room parent, regular volunteer for pizza lunch and book fairs and this year as a costume designer for the Grade 8 play, while I took on a leadership role in the Annual Campaign and am now VP of Development on the Board of Trustees.

Inspired by our family’s Schechter experience, we recently made a meaningful gift to the Generations Campaign as our way to express our appreciation for the education Ashley has received from Kindergarten through eighth grade and our desire to ensure the future strength and success of the school.

In our final year as Schechter parents, we are eager to express our gratitude and appreciation with words of praise for the Schechter education Ashley has received and with strong financial support for both the Annual Campaign and the Generations Campaign. The Generations Campaign, when successfully completed, will double the size of Schechter’s endowment and provide financial stability and viability to Schechter for years to come. It will ensure that Schechter will continue to provide educational excellence for future generations of students and will provide tuition support as these costs continue to rise. Schechter enjoys a legacy of more than 55 years as a Jewish day school for the Greater Boston Jewish community; but the number of years is not the only important measure. Schechter’s graduates have gone on to be successful in a modern and complicated world and to possess and practice a Jewish value system in their daily lives.

For Schechter to continue its legacy, we must all understand the importance and value of a Schechter education and the foundation that it creates for our children to become great Jewish citizens of the world. My hope is that every Schechter graduate will harken back to their early educational roots and support Schechter so the next generation of young American Jews can reap the same benefits. And I hope every Schechter parent and grandparent will reflect on what Schechter has meant to their children and grandchildren – visualize how much better prepared they will be for the future with the foundation during formative years of a Schechter education. There is no better way to demonstrate the value of this education than by supporting Jewish day schools. Today, as Jews, we must continue our leadership roles in the world. We cannot do so without a strong educational focus, the kind of focus that Schechter provides for our children who will be the future leaders of the American Jewish community.

Pictured: Ellis, Ashley and Barbara Morris place a leaf on the Generations Vine signifying that the Campaign has crossed the $10.5 million milestone. As of March 2017, Schechter’s Generations Endowment Campaign has raised $10,775,273 toward our $12.5 million goal.


Thank you, Schechter!

A note from alumni parents Marcia and Alan Leifer:

This fall we celebrated the wedding of our eldest daughter Jessica ’02. Our joy was shared by the Schechter community that grew up around us since the day 23 years ago that we dropped off Jessica in Naomi Katz Mintz’s kindergarten classroom. The hora was filled with concentric circles of classmates of Jessica and her three Schechter siblings (Becca ’04, Ben ’07 and Veronica ’12); Schechter parents who became the closest of friends as our kids grew together into emerging adults and as we embarked on our own Jewish journeys; and Schechter Board and Committee members who worked alongside us in our volunteer efforts to help Schechter grow from “Good to Great.” Schechter has given the Leifer family a gift for the generations and we are humbled and honored to have the opportunity to say thank you.

When it was time for us to update our estate plans, we thought about what it would take to ensure Schechter’s vitality for generations to come. And with that, we are proud to share that we intend to leave an endowment gift to sustain our annual gift to Schechter in perpetuity and to significantly expand The Marcia Siskind Leifer Fund for The Creative Arts and Sciences. We hope to inspire passion for art and science in Schechter students for generations to come.

Schechter takes in kids whose parents flock to Boston from all over the world and sets them up to be effective “Jewish bridges.” Bridges to our American Jewish friends and family who are less comfortable with tradition. Bridges to our Israeli mishpocha (family) who thirst for connection to America. Bridges to Americans of all stripes who value tikkun olam (repairing the world) and their spiritual connection to the Holy Land.

As such, Schechter is a vital institution of Boston and American Jewry and should be supported by all of its stakeholders – parents and grandparents, alumni parents, and community leaders.

The Generations Campaign supports our commitment to providing our students with a dynamic 21st century education, infused and enhanced by Jewish learning and values, to prepare our students for informed and active engagement in the Jewish community and the broader world.As of November 2016, Schechter’s Generations Endowment Campaign has raised $9,581,166 toward our $12.5 million goal.To learn more, contact Natalie Matus at or 617-630-4617.


“Who is rich? She whose child…attends Solomon Schechter Day School of Greater Boston”

Schechter alumni parent, Keren R. McGinity shared the following remarks on behalf of the eighth grade parent community at Schechter’s Faculty and Staff Appreciation Luncheon, June 15, 2016 

When the Parent Association Co-Chairs first invited me to give these remarks, I was deeply honored and jumped at the opportunity to articulate my immense gratitude to all of you. But as I began to piece together some thoughts in my head, I became increasingly daunted by the task at hand. How do I, one parent, represent a whole grade’s worth of diverse parents’ perspectives, some of whom I don’t know nearly as well as I wish I did?

In order to say something meaningful yet brief, I’ll just share a few personal thoughts and hope that though words alone cannot do justice to your devotion, dedication, expertise, and care, they will at least give you an inkling of how we parents feel.

When I was 10 years old my mother and I moved to Boston and I had an interview at Schechter. I remember being told that my Hebrew was only at the first grade level and the massive amount of studying that would be required to “catch up” with the fifth graders made a Schechter education unattainable at that time. Now, I did have the privilege of having a then soon-to-be Schechter teacher as my bat mitzvah tutor, so I wasn’t entirely deprived. But I wanted more for my one and only child.

My daughter Shira’s Schechter experience began nearly 13 years ago when she was just 20 months old at Gan Yeladim, the former Gan Shelanu. It was there that a Schechter teacher came to sing songs with the children. (Little did I know then that this same teacher would one day teach Shira at the upper school and chaperone her on the 8th grade trip to Israel!) Perhaps it was those tunes that helped make the transition from Gan to Kindergarten so seamless. Over the years, many more teachers and administrators contributed to making more transitions seem almost effortless.

On Yom Kippur, some Jews fast. Fasting, among other things, reminds us to feel—if only for a day—what someone who doesn’t have enough to eat feels on a regular basis. To fully appreciate Schechter teachers and staff it may be necessary to live without you for a time, which we actually did. Shira and I spent her first and second grade years at a different Jewish day school in another part of the country. While it had its strengths and some excellent educators, those two years gave us a point of comparison that increases our gratitude. The warm welcome we received when we visited and again when we returned as planned, solidified that Schechter of Greater Boston was truly where we belonged.

“I love school!” Shira has said many times over the years—thanks to you!

Shira grew from holding my hand until we said goodbye at the classroom door to a social butterfly whose wingspan is still spreading—thanks to you!

Shira evolved from knowing her name in Hebrew to texting b’ivrit—thanks to you!

Shira’s grasp of the English language went beyond WordMaster’s to poetry and state-wide essay contests—thanks to you!

Shira’s indifference about science and confusion about math became infatuation mixed with curiosity and conceptual satisfaction—thanks to you!

Shira transformed from a child whose gross motor skills lagged behind her fine motor skills to an athlete who played soccer, basketball, and softball all in the same year—thanks to you!

She glided from singing and dancing in the privacy of our kitchen to dueling with her fictional nemesis and belting it out on stage—thanks to you!

Most recently, Shira morphed from someone who accused me of being “that kind of mother” for not allowing her to go to a Beyoncé concert on Shabbat to telling me exactly what time we needed to light the candles—thanks to you!

The school-parent partnership is an extremely important function of a successful educational experience. I couldn’t be more grateful for the abundance of information, timely responses, and proactive communication. Colleagues of mine wrote a book called Back to School about how Canadian Jews who send their kids to day schools learn alongside their children. That’s definitely true in my case and so I must thank you for my Schechter education in addition to Shira’s. You have also provided much needed support, during good times and some hard ones; when I needed you, you were always there for me.

Pirke Avot (Ethics of the Fathers) 4:1 teaches us: “Who is rich? He or she who is happy with what he or she has.” In today’s age of social media, with Facebook posts about everything from the best trip to Paris to a new puppy, it can be challenging to remember the most important thing, which isn’t even a thing but a process: Jewish Education. Who is rich? She whose child has the privilege of being taught, coached, challenged, nurtured, and most importantly inspired by all of you!

Now, as a freshly minted alumni parent, I have only one regret and that’s not having more children to send your way!

Todah rabbah. May you all go from strength to strength!

In addition to her newest role as Schechter alumni parent, Keren R. McGinity is the Director of Interfaith Families Jewish Engagement at the Shoolman Graduate School of Jewish Education and Founding Director of the Love & Tradition Institute


Melanie Gerard

Melanie Gerard and her husband, Michael, have three children at Schechter: David (Grade 8), Ari (Grade 7) and Maya (Grade 2). We asked Melanie’s a few questions about her family’s experiences:

What do you love most about Schechter?
There isn’t one single thing I love about Schechter; rather, many complex layers that make the school a very special place for my kids to grow and learn: strong curriculum; fantastic faculty and staff; a nurturing environment; diverse Jewish community; and terrific enrichment and afterschool programs.

Why did you choose Schechter for your children?
We chose Schechter because of the strong Judaic curriculum combined with stellar secular academics that prepare our children for the rigors of high school with the added bonus of a strong Jewish foundation that they will carry with them for life. Schechter is small enough to make sure my children personally succeed and also large enough to feel my children have choices both academically and socially.

In what ways have you seen your child grow and develop as a result of their experiences at Schechter?
They grow leaps and bounds every year and surpass my expectations every year both in the context of their studies and the values/morals Schechter teaches them.

We recently hosted Israeli students from Schechter’s partner school in Haifa, the Reali School. This is part of Schechter’s 8th-grade Israel Study Tour. Reali students visit us in the fall and our kids go to Israel right before Passover. The experience of hosting Israeli peers and the connections our two schools made were instantaneous and beyond my expectations. Everything is in Hebrew and for the first time, my son told me he was “thinking in Hebrew”! I feel as if if this experience made my 8th-grade son more confident and independent. He can’t wait to go to Israel in March.

What would you tell other parents to encourage them to consider enrolling their child at Schechter?
It’s not just about the Judaics, but it’s a bonus that our kids come out of this program with ethics, values and a stronger sense of moral upbringing that is supported throughout the curriculum in a way that public schools simply aren’t allowed to teach (by nature of separation of church/state). By sending kids to Schechter, parents can give their children the opportunity to experience adolescence in a “safer zone” when compared to public schools – that our staff, the teachers and the kids are all in it together, to raise confident Jews that care and nurture each other.


Onir Spiegel

Onir Spiegel and her husband, Jeffrey, enrolled their daughter, Sammy (Grade 1) at Schechter beginning in kindergarten. We asked Onir a few questions about her family’s experiences:

What do you love most about Schechter?
We love the warm and nurturing environment the teachers create for the children, the school’s love for Israel and Jewish values, and the school’s unsurpassed academics.

Why did you choose Schechter for your child?
We chose Schechter because of its excellent Hebrew curriculum and the nurturing environment that supports each child’s growth and development.

In what ways have you seen your child grow and develop as a result of their experiences at Schechter?
Three words: Leadership, confidence and values. Our daughter truly enjoys coming to school. She runs to see her teacher from last year and carries a new air of confidence that I’ve never seen in her before. She shares new Hebrew songs with us and has changed the tune of our Shabbat candle lighting so that we can sing at home just like she does with her classmates at school.

What would you tell another parent to encourage them to consider enrolling their child at Schechter?
I want to know that I have given my child everything I could to make sure she becomes a caring and loving individual, philanthropic and someone who lives her life through a Jewish lens with Jewish values and a love for Israel and Judaism. Schechter helps to make this happen.

Ruth Bernstein

Ruth, and her husband, David, have two children at Schechter: Aviav (Grade 7) and Carolyn (Grade 6). They came to Schechter when their kids were in grades 5 and 6. We asked Ruth a few questions about her and her family’s experiences joining the Schechter community at the Upper School.

What do you love most about Schechter?

I love how connected to my kids the teachers seem to be. They take great pleasure in my kids’ accomplishments and are quick to notice when a child needs help academically. They also do everything they can, both within the school and by making suggestions about what to do outside the school, to help the children overcome their various challenges.

Why did you choose Schechter for your children?

I chose Schechter because my kids loved it on their visit. Our kids started Schechter as Upper School students because their own former (beloved) school had closed. One of my kids loves his class because he has found a like-minded group of kids to hang out and tell jokes with; the other felt the warmth of the teachers and classmates and asked to come for that reason.

In what ways have you seen your children grow and develop as a result of their experiences at Schechter?

Schechter is an academically rigorous place, and my children have developed an appreciation for how hard work translates into good grades and mastery of material. Even though they sometimes feel challenged by the volume of the work they have to do, they know how to ask for help and they know the teachers will help them succeed academically. Now that my child is on the Bar/Bat Mitzvah circuit, I have also seen him create strong bonds with his classmates, come out of his shell at parties and support his classmates as they celebrate. In fact, a couple of weeks ago, there was a weekday sunrise service for one child’s Bar Mitzvah–the kids got up early and carpooled to a very joyous service followed by a delicious breakfast. I can’t think of a better way to start the day!

What would you tell another parent to encourage them to consider enrolling their child at Schechter?

I think Schechter has so much to offer, particularly if it is the right fit for your kid–I would tell another parent to speak to as many other parents as possible, to attend Schechter events and to bring her or his children to visit as much as possible. I would also make sure to tell a fellow parent about the afterschool care, which my children and I both love.

Ruhama Shitrit

Ruhama and her husband, Yossi, have three children: Shoham ’14, Dor (Grade 5) and Zoe (Kindergarten). Ruhama also teaches Hebrew at Schechter’s early childhood program, Gan Shelanu. We asked Ruhama to share a little bit about her family’s experiences at Schechter.

What do you love most about Schechter?

I love the welcoming feeling in each campus and the nice people that greet the children every morning.

Why did you choose Schechter for your children?

I chose Schechter because the strong connection to Israel, Jewish values and above all the great academic environment in the school!

In what ways have you seen your children grow and develop as a result of their experiences at Schechter?

My children feel supported by their teachers and therefore are motivated to learn and feel engaged by the curriculum.

What would you tell another parent to encourage them to consider enrolling their child at Schechter?

Schechter is a gift for life for your children. The school has “all in one”: great academic and enrichment program, Hebrew everywhere and a great community!