D’var Torah: Bil Zarch (Beha’alotcha)

In this week’s parsha, we learn about the importance of Dan who is the “rearguard”, the me’asef (from the root א.ס.ף “to gather”). The rearguard is a vital role in almost every situation and this is no exception. I find it especially meaningful of the word choice me’asef as without this position we often fail to see the fringes, the outsiders.

Our Schechter community is no exception. What role do we all take in being the me’asef? Are we the ones opening our doors to new families? Are we the ones who make sure that everyone is included? Or are we the ones who step up and do the work that it takes to partner with our leadership team and staff to ensure that Schechter stays vibrant for many years to come?

You see, maybe Dan knew that he had to take this role on as many others weren’t necessarily jumping to do it and he saw it as the necessary thing to do to protect the community. As a Jewish communal professional who has chosen to passionately work with the Jewish future, I believe that it is our duty to create opportunities for as many people as possible no matter where they believe they are in their beliefs. All too often, we take for granted that the Jewish community will survive no matter the choices that we make when it comes to passing on this knowledge to the next generation. Is Judaism meant to just meet the needs of those who are in the front or are we going to create a community that opens our doors wide? If so, have we succeeded with our community? I would say we have a lot of work to do on both questions.

As a parent of two children at Schechter, I remain in awe as to the dedication of the faculty and staff to make every child feel like a leader. They navigate tricky waters with our children because they are just that, tricky. I have come to understand that no school is perfect and thankfully Schechter is no exception, yet we want our children immersed in a community that embraces them foibles and all. Sometimes that is just enough to make it a perfect place. It’s our call to action to accept that.

Bil Zarch, Director Camp Yavneh, Schechter Parent

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