Living in an Unprecedented Time: Our Students Respond

We are living in an unprecedented time. This means that this  exact type of situation has never happened before.

What will you want to remember about this time? What details do you remember?

The Sickening Days by Naomi Luria, Grade 4

I call these the sickening days. They can turn into weeks that can turn into months that can turn to years. Being in your corner, in your room, in your house. Not going out into the open. Not to school, not to friends, not even out into the fresh breath of the earth and life. Be it the flu, be it the fever, be it the coronavirus. Dear God, please make it stop. Please stop the panicking and hurts in our hearts. Make it life, make it normal, make it happiness. Together shall we be, you and I, you and me. Though still remember, how sad we were, and take for granted, our shining light of happiness. Remember not seeing anybody, standing lonely in the cold wind. Online school, though awkward must be done for there was no other choice. You needed courage to get through the sadness. Bravery to get through the night. Happiness and strength too. But most of all, you needed family and friends, to stand strong with you!!

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