Meet Estelle Gomolka!

Estelle is excited to be at Schechter for her 18th year as a 5th-grade General Studies teacher. She holds a B.A. in Education from the University of Massachusetts at Amherst. Every year, Estelle looks forward to getting to know her students as each class is new and each year brings exciting challenges!

In her free time, Estelle works as the Waterfront Director at Camp Yavneh. She has been in this role for the last 34 years and has spent 42 years at camp in total! She is a licensed instructor in water safety, lifeguarding, CPR, first aid and AED. She also teaches swimming at Boston Sports Club during the year.

Estelle feels #SchechterPride when she has the opportunity to see many Schechter students and alumni grow and thrive beyond the walls of Schechter while at Camp Yavneh. She loves watching Schechter students and alumni working at camp at the waterfront or as counselors. Her greatest pride is when alumni return to Schechter to visit with their enormous smile and hugs and to share their many accomplishments. She feels great nachas and success for them and their families!

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