Parsha Paintings

Watercolors, colored pencils, and glitter! Each week in Parsha Paintings students explore some of the main themes of the parsha (weekly Torah portion) and then have the opportunity to bring the parsha to life! In these images students were delving into parshiyot Bereshit and Noach and responding to questions such as, what might have the creation of the world looked like? Where do we see righteousness in our world today? By bringing these parshiyot to life through art, students are able to connect with our Torah in a new, creative, and meaningful way.

At the end of the elective students will have a collection of fantastic images to share with friends and family, and to return to next year and see how their understanding of the parsha has changed.

IMG_2417 IMG_2416 IMG_2422 IMG_2423 IMG_2421 IMG_2420 IMG_2419

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