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Seventh Graders Explore Washington, D.C.

Seventh grade students and their faculty members spent three days in Washington, D.C. this week. The three day trip was highlighted by visits to U.S. Holocaust Memorial Museum, Mt. Vernon, Arlington National Cemetery, National Archives, The Newseum, and many other memorials including: WWII, FDR, Lincoln, Vietnam and Korean War.Oliver Segal (Grade 6 Social Studies) shares, “on the final day, the students were able to see the government at work. We met with Representative Joseph Kennedy III and heard about his daily job and some of the key issues that he is currently working on in our district. Our final meeting of the trip gave the students an opportunity to meet with two individuals who work within our federal government. The first speaker works within the executive branch on Jewish Outreach. He spoke about advocating for Judaism and the State of Israel in U.S. foreign policy. The second speaker, David Heifetz, is a graduate of Gann Academy, and is currently the speech writer for Valerie Jarrett, President Obama’s Senior Advisor. He spoke about his background, career path and the speech writing process. The students returned home safely last night with some fond memories and maybe some new found curiosity and inspiration to last a lifetime.”

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