Thank you, Schechter!

A note from alumni parents Elizabeth and Daniel Glick:

Our three children, Jamie ‘01, Josh ‘04 and Jeremy ‘08, all attended Schechter. The excellent education they received, together with Schechter’s emphasis on Jewish tradition, values and community, was unmatched.  Today, we witness on a regular basis the significant impact this education has had on our children as they have grown into independent adults, embrace Judaism in their everyday lives and are actively involved in tikkun olam (repairing the world) in their respective communities. Similar to those before us who made the exceptional Schechter experience possible for our family through their support and generosity, we too wish to help future generations benefit from the outstanding Schechter experience.  We are proud to give to the school’s Generations Campaign to ensure it maintains its exceptional, pedagogical model and remains accessible to all Jewish families in the future. We  are proud to have made a legacy gift to Schechter through its Generations Campaign to recognize the impact it has had on our family’s lives. We hope that many others will join us!

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